Do you feel your website is working for you and your business, or are you left feeling:


  • No one is looking at your website.
  • Your site is a waste of money.
  • No can find your site.
  • What’s the point in having a website that dose nothing.
  • Your putting lots of effort in without any reward.

If one of the points above you would answer yes you need to be looking at a re-design of your online marketing strategy.

There are millions if not billions of websites out on the world wide web, how can your website be seen in front of those thousands in your niches who are already ranking high on search engines and have been around for years?

First you must checkout your competition who offer a similar service or product.

How many competitors are you competing against, are you at the back of a crowd of competitors? Can you get to the front of the crowd?

How big and established are your competitors? You don’t want to go toe to toe in a ring with a 40 stone Kung Fu champion like Amazon or Ebay. If your competitors are huge find a smaller niche within your expertise to base your website around. A good example would be a site that sells Yachts, there Thousands of sites out there all competing against each other, but a website that sell particular components to Yachts are few and far between. Same niche, same expertise required and same market, just not as competitive.

What are your competitors doing that are different to you, and should you be doing it to? Is your site up to date with the latest social media? You’ll be amazed the amount of exposure your site will get from facebook and twitter. Can you publish videos to your site, after all Youtube is the second biggest search behind google and not used enough by website as a tool for marketing.

How many times a month do you update your website? Writing articles for your site, like the one your reading, keeps the site up to date with the market your business is in, it also keeps your site fresh and moving. Allow visitors to write comments, this keeps you site evolving without any effort from you, you can response to comments making your site very dynamic and user friendly.

Is your on site SEO (search engine optimisation) up to scratch?

What about off site SEO? Do search engines know your site exists and is your website easy to navigate for search engines.

Is your website design visually effective; is your site designed right for your niche or market and has your site been designed with the user in mind, easy navigation will keep your visitor happy and help them find the information or product they need quickly?

Moving Your Business To Be A Brand.

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