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Do I need a Website Redesign (again)?

Upgrade its usability.

This was a good tip then, but an even better tip now. Users change the way they interact with the internet almost every day. For that matter, the internet itself is approached differently than it was in 2011.

Can your user:

  • Contact you?
  • Order what you sell?
  • Find your office?
  • Follow you on social media?

Can they do all of the above easily from their phone? If not, you may want to update.

New Tech and New Standards

If your site didn't need a new look in 2011 and you haven't updated it since, it's probably past time to update. If your site was built prior to 2015, it was probably utilizing Flash. Even Adobe suggests that websites no longer use Flash and it's been telling people that since Dec of 2015. Between the lack of support for mobile devices, the outlandishly long loading times, and the security risks, Flash is a thing of the past.

Less obvious to the eye, but just as important on the back side, is your site built using the latest in web standards? If not, you could be damaging your search rankings without even knowing it.

Google's Mobile First Index

Since November of 2016, we've been talking a lot about Google's Mobile First Index. Here's an excellent blog I reference all the time.

Basically, as more and more searches take place on mobile devices, Google is changing up its algorithm to more sure that those users have a great experience. If your competition is mobile friendly and you're not, they will rank better than you.

Out of Date

Lastly, most companies update their web presence every 2 to 3 years. An out-of-date website represents an out-of-date brand. Your website is often your customers' first impression of you.

I encourage you to look at your website from an objective point of view. Would you want to do business with you?

Don't forget for you e-commerce people, an old looking website will turn away users who worry about security of their credit cards.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started on your website redesign today.

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